Environmentally friendly campsite in Ardèche

We are proud of our region and our magnificent Ardèche at Camping Le Clapas. We feel great happiness and pride and happiness living in such a magical place. Nature is our other passion. That is why we promote environmentally friendly practices. We have an exceptional natural setting – let’s keep it that way!

Daily practices

  • We never use phytosanitary products and use ladybirds to fight aphids.
  • We regularly cover the earth around our bushes and flower beds with straw to slow water evaporation.

  • We make our own biofertilizer with nettle manure to enhance plant growth and flowering.

  • We prefer thermal or manual weed control methods. They are natural practices that never require chemical products.

  • Whenever possible, our tools have electric batteries and not a thermal motor.

Our environmental approach also includes:

  • LED bulbs
  • Water-saving devices

  • Ecolabel cleaning products

  • Ecolabel recycled toilet paper

  • Lights with timed detection for shower and toilet blocks
  • Raising awareness about water use
  • Recycling frying oils

Waste sorting and recycling

We ask you to sort your waste during your stay. Each person’s contribution is essential to optimise waste management. There are 3 bins outside the campsite:

  • One bin for glass, for your bottles for example.

  • One bin with a yellow lid for all plastic packaging: bottles, plastic bags, cling film, yogurt pots; cartons and paper: milk and fruit juice cartons, biscuit packets, pizza boxes; and metal packaging: cans, kitchen foil, tins.

  • A third bin with a green cover for household waste that cannot be put in the other bins.

Please do not throw bulky items in the recycling bins to ensure optimal recycling. Vallon Pont d’Arc has a free waste reception centre for bulky items.

Finally, a compost area for all organic waste is available to guests at the end of the car park: fruit and vegetable skins, etc. This provides an important source of compost for our gardens.


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