Games for children, sports contests or evening parties

The weekly and traditional meal, in a relaxed, festive and family atmosphere:

Paella, barbecue, Ardechous specialties, roasted pig…
Karaoké, dancing party, concert, theater…
“Camping spirit” requires one “petanque” competition (sometimes two) per week, for an afternoon of conviviality.

The Kid’s morning (3 – 10 years old) with workshops: coloring, painting, treasure hunt…

The petanque contests and kids tennis table contests

soirée musique au camping le Clapas
music party atcamping le Clapas
paella party at camping le Clapas
paella party at the campsite
animations workshops for children camping le Clapas
animations workshops for children
concours de pétanque
petanque contest on our two fields